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Recently Willy Zieger of Anchorage, Alaska installed a Challenger CP48108C oil filter on his 1978 Cessna A185F using a F&M oil filter adapter.  Willy says, "With a 1 gallon heavy duty zip lock I can remove the filter without spilling any oil and only have to remove the top cowling.  I really appreciate the convenience of the filter as well as the job it does filtering the oil."

"I have felt some extra "oomph" from the Challenger air filter that was installed at my annual," -Dan Clemons 1963 Cessna 172 with Continental O-300

"Karl Storjohann mentions in his recent article that as he prepared to sell his Cessna 175 he added several modifications.  He states that on the flight to deliver the aircraft at 125 knots in a really strong headwind, he wondered if the aircraft had saved its best performance for the last day.  He then surmises it was probably the new Challenger air filter allowing a lot more air.  "More air is good" Chadron, Nebraska

"I have flown the aircraft and have noticed a difference in both speed and fuel flow-nice!!  Every little bit helps when you are landing on river banks and such like!!  -Wayne, a Cessna 180 pilot in Alaska

"I have installed K & N filters in 4 motorcycles, 2 trucks and now in my twin engine airplane.  Thanks for developing such a fine product." - W.T. Straughan from Duback, LA

"I have recently put your Challenger filters on my Cessna 172. It is a wonderful filter and I'm recommending them to everyone."
- Pat Dincognito from Union City, California

Climb fast and save gas! -
"After I installed a Challenger air filter on my Cessna 150 I immediately noticed what I call a power boost in full throttle climbs. On my first flight with a Challenger air filter, I flew IFR, and on climb to 5,000 feet, the power boost was most noticeable from 3000 feet on up. In full throttle climbs the engine seems to be maintaining higher RPMs and it seems that I am getting a noticeably greater rate of climb. I am continuing to experience these benefits after 50 hours with the new filter. I have flown my plane 250 to 300 hours per year on my daily commute for over 10 years, meaning that if I notice a change, it is most likely true. I was reluctant to spend the money on the new filter, but the power increase alone is noticeable enough to me that I honestly feel that I got my money's worth. The additional fuel savings as shown below not only justifies the expense, but at today's fuel cost of $3.80 per gallon, the Challenger air filter has already paid for itself and I am saving about $1.75 per hour, $2.24 a day, $11.19 a five day week, $48.48 per month, (and about $525 per year after deducting for days off, vacation, etc.). That is significant.

In addition to the change in climb, I have noticed a change in performance at cruise as well - my engine runs pretty lean at my most common cruising altitude of 3,500 feet above sea level. I have a exhaust gas temperature EGT gauge with probes on all four cylinders, at 2,475 cruise RPM, at 3,500 feet, the mixture distribution is uneven and any leaning is usually not possible because one of the cylinders is already at peak EGT. However, with the new Challenger air filter, the mixture distribution is slightly more even between the cylinders at cruise and further leaning is now possible without risk of over-leaning any one cylinder. I theorize the more even mixture distribution is attributable to the fact that the intake suction is getting less resistance from the new air filter."
- David Wills reports to pilots at College Park, Maryland

Glasair III owners happy! -
Brazilian Glasair III owner Martin reports he is very pleased with the performance of the Challenger/K&N air filter CPE-1040. He has convinced fellow Glasair III owner Jack Onderstall from South Africa to buy a filter for his aircraft as well.

"Holy Cow Batman!
At 12,000 feet...TAS 195
At 11,000 feet... TAS 196
At 10,000 feet... TAS 195
AT 9,000 feet... TAS 194

That was the first time I've earned the mile high pin without anyone else in the cockpit...HONEST!!!

This filter should be part of every Mooney that leaves your shop...your customers will notice the improvement as soon as they level off at ANY cruise altitude."
- Dan, Screamin' Eagle #01

"I bought one of your filter kits for my Mooney because I have used and still use K&N filters on my performance cars and I think they do perform as advertised, so when I saw you were making them for Mooney's, I bought one. Initial test flight indicated about 1" higher MAP as you said it would and I was pleased. So far the filter may be the best mod I've installed thus far."
- Bill Juskhas, Mooney M20F owner

"If you own a Mooney M20J (which has a tuned induction system) and you do not own the Challenger air filter with K&N media, then you deserve to fly slower. I fly my Mooney up to 17000 IFR on long trips and usually around 12000 on medium trips. You can chose either better fuel economy or faster cruise, which is a no brainer for the Mooney crowd. Let it run wide open to keep the induction smooth and take what you get at altitude. My Shadin does not lie and neither does my TAS indicator. I was so impressed that I bought a K&N air filter for my van."
- Steve Tuttle

"The bottom line is results, and I obtained a significant result in my aircraft with the air filter change - no doubt about it."
- Tom Rosen, S35 Pilot from Woodland, CA

"I got my air filter and I haven't been this happy since I was 9 at Christmas."
- Steve Tuttle

"Just installed the new Challenger air filter in my Arrow II. What a difference. Climbing through 3000' at 24" square no throttle movement. At 700' climb rate at 120 mph past 4000' atill 700' climb 125 mph bumped from 23.0" moved throttle up to 24". At 6000' I had 24" full throttle still had 700' climb rate at 120mph. Level off at 7500' full throttle at 23.5"!!! Normally this plane should be around 21" and 24 rpm while leveling off with 600' climb rate and it wanted to keep going. My Brackett filter would die out around 3500' with 23". I welcome anyone to use Challenger Products and see the difference. I am on cloud 9!!! The plane trued out at 7500' 23.5" at 174 mph and the plane needs a bath. WOW...that is all I can say."
- Mark Willhite

"It's amazing what a simple things like an air filter can do. I just installed the K&N filter in my Piper Cherokee -140 per service manual and your STC and found the following:

To preface, I have been a test pilot and have been flying the -140 for many hours. I say this so that you all know that when I say I am Vy I really am Vy and not a mile or two. I started with the tanks at the tabs, and flew two trips, the first with the stock filter, and the second with the K&N. I refilled the tanks to the tabs for the second flight so the weight would be identical. I fly out of PAE with a field elevation of 603, so I went east to Snohomish valley to start the test. At 500 MSL I entered a climb, full rich and full power and Vy which in the 140 is 85 mph IAS. Passing through 1000 I started the timer. I noted the time and VSI at 2500 MSL and 5000 MSL. Passing 4000 MSL I leaned ro best power based on EGT.

Here are the numbers:

MAX Static RPM Before 2410 After 2430

Time to climb
2500 Before 1:56 After 1:48
5000 Before 5:45 After 5:26

2500 Before 800 fpm After 800 fpm
5000 Before 650 fpm After 700 fpm

TAS 2650 RPM 5000 MSL PA Before 130 mph After 132 mph

For the maximum static rpm I did the run up at the end of the flight so I was sure the engine was at operating temp. For the TAS, I dialed in Pressure Altitude and flew at 5000 MSL at 2650 RPM (digital tach) and releanede to best power. This is far from a scientific test, but with the digital instruments and the tests within 15 minutes of each other, I think the results are fairly accurate."
- Dave Wheeler

"I am extremely happy with the filter and installation. This filter has met every performance claim that Challenger has made. We in the airplane market place talk about $1000 per knot increase as an average for speed mods. The K&N [Challenger air filter] has cost about $61 per knot. THAT IS EXCELLENT. According to what I have found, if you wanted you could turn down the power and do the same speed as before and pay for this in fuel savings in about 150 hrs to 250 hrs @ .3 to .5 gal per hour. I am very leery of performance claims made by airplane modifications manufacturers - I think this item not only met their claims on my aircraft but also far exceeded my own expectations."
- Don Goings, about his recent purchase of a Cessna 182 air filter

"I just had to test my Brackett filter against the Challenger filter and found that I climb about 100 feet per minute faster and burn less gas. My total fuel burn with the Brackett was 6.8 gallons per hour. The Challenger filter dropped that to 6.5 gallons per hour. I fly about 150 hours a year and K&N will save me 45 gallons of gas."
- Don Shields, about his Cessna 172 Challenger air filter

"I recently purchased a Challenger filter for my Mooney. The filter works great. In combination with my powerflow exhaust header, I'm getting a 6-8% cruise speed increase."
- Dr. Eric Shreder

"I recently purchased your air filter and installed it on my Bonanza. I was pleased with the quality of your product and the ease of installation. I was mostly pleased , however, with the extra inch of manifold pressure I found, which translated to about three knots faster cruise! At our airport elevation (Colorado Springs, Meadowlake, 6840' ASL) and extra inch is MOST appreciated."
- Brian Walker

"I've been an A & P for over 20 years, so very little about aircraft impresses me, but I have never seen a dirtier air filter than a customer's Cherokee at annual with the new Challenger/K&N air filter. It does the job!"
- Russ Hovey from Hovey Aviation

"I highly recommend this Challenger Aviation unit for better filtration and added power." (recently installed air filter on a Cessna 172M)
 - Irv Allen from Allen Aviation, LLC, Independence, OR